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PMES-P&DProject Monitoring & Evaluation System (PMES)

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    The Client

    Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a financial institution that participates heavily in the development initiatives in connection with the Government of Pakistan. The Planning Commission is a financial and public policy development institution of the Government of Pakistan. It undertakes research studies and state policy development initiatives for the growth of national economy and the expansion of public and state infrastructure of the country. It manages all the federally funded projects by:

    • Approving their feasibility
    • Monitoring the progress of ongoing projects
    • Evaluating the impact of the project

    A grant was initiated by ADB to build a web based Project Monitoring & Evaluation System (PMES) which can hold all the ongoing projects under the funding of the Federal Government.

    The Challenge

    After the inception of Planning Commission (formally known as Ministry of Planning & Development) on 22nd October, 1958, its main functions are defined as preparation of National Plan, Review and evaluation of its implementation, formulation of Annual Plan and ADP, Monitoring and Evaluating Implementation of major development projects and programs, Stimulating preparation of sound projects in regions and sectors lacking adequate portfolio, Continuously evaluating the economic situation and coordination of economic policies, Organizing research and analytical studies for economic decision making.

    In order to effectively fulfill its mandate, Planning Commission required a centralized software for its project monitoring and evaluation needs. Back in 2005, there was no automation available, entire projects are processed, managed and evaluated on physical files with tedious business processes. There was no concept of real-time reporting rather a simple report took hours and even days. Due to non-availability of centralized monitoring and real-time reporting, evaluation of project was a tiresome task to perform, most of the times this very important phase of the project was overlooked rather intentionally deferred.

    The Solution

    After a detailed study of the requirements, Makabu’s technical team proposed a web based system that would cater for the needs of the Planning Commission. We designed, developed and deployed Project Monitoring & Evaluation System (PMES) for the automation of its complete business processes starting from project feasibility study till its completion and evaluation. It takes into account the PC-I to PC-V forms that are used from project feasibility report to project completion report.

    As of today the application has a database of 2800 federally funded projects starting from PKR 60 Million to PKR 1000 Million and above. Today 1400 users are registered in PMES and 28 ministries across the country are connected to it.

    Makabu considers this project a great success and as a feather in our cap. It fulfills our long term eagerness to contribute to the Public sector.

    Business Benefits

    • Web Based Centralized Application
    • Project Management
    • Business Process Automation
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Real-Time Reports
    • Task Assignment and Monitoring
    • Highly User Friendly
    • Secure and Reliable
    • Increase Throughput

    Key Features

    • Workflow Automation
    • Working Paper
    • Project Profile
    • Work plan and Cash Plan
    • Project Execution & Progress
    • Result Based Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Extensive Reports
      • Professional Reports
      • Fly Reports
      • Executive Reports
    • User management
    • Extensive SecuritySecurity