Our Services

Our Services

Makabu always strives for providing better service to our Clients while keeping our costs competitive. Our previous successes have proven that what our Clients received was much more than what they expected.

Aiming at realizing our company vision, we are constantly improving the quality of our services portfolio and to become a pro-active team.

Business & Product Development

Our business development approach revolves around four building blocks covering overall ambit of business development for small to medium enterprises. This includes the aspect of reselling their products with a new and effective marketing strategy


Have you ever asked yourself, “how am I going to sell my services?” You might not know it yet, but Makabu is your ultimate reselling partner.

We make it easy for you to sell your software, service and solution and even easier for your customers to buy it through our mature marketing strategies. This will not only give your business a quick boost but will also strengthen a mutually beneficial relationship between us, which is our profession.

Digital Marketing Solutions:

  • Strategy & Consulting - The right strategy has to start with you. It’s something we build and tweak together based on your unique strengths / challenges and our experience together in marketing your product to the right people
  • Strategic Search Optimization - We believe in custom content and campaigns that will make you go on the top.
  • Social Media Advertising - Digital has gotten social, so our team of young strategists and content writers to make meaningful connections between people and your product.
  • Creative Services - Our in-house creative team consists of copywriters, designers and UX experts who can help blow up your brand or application to whole new level.