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Burning BrowniePoint of Sale (POS)

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    The Client

    Burning Brownie is one of the most famous bakery/café in Islamabad.

    The Challenge

    As business grew, Burning Brownie was facing issues in their day to day business needs like:

    • Maintaining Cash/Credit Accounts
    • Manual Accounts Closing
    • No Daily Reporting of Sales / Expenses
    • Inventory Issues

    The Solution

    Burning Brownie discussed their business challenges with our team and requested to revamp its Point of Sale Application. After analyzing their business requirements, our business analysts and system architects decided to build a new and scalable application in latest technologies.

    We designed an application with highly flexible and scalable architecture covering end to end automation of their complete business processes along with a real-time data input dashboard displaying reports and analytics. This application has been developed to help the business understand where it is lacking and how much sales it has made during a given period.

    Our solution allows high throughput data acquisition using concurrent algorithms specifically designed for Burning Brownie. The application gathers data and then pushes it on to the dashboard helping them understand their weaknesses and overcome them in the future.

    Business Benefits

    • End to End Business Automation
    • Working Efficiency
    • Quality Control
    • Business and Revenue Growth
    • Ease of Management
    • Client Satisfaction and Retention

    Key Features

    • Desktop Application
    • High Security
    • Flexible Architecture
    • Reports & Analytics
    • Automated Backup & Replication