Our Partners

Our Partners

With 15years of development and professional services experience – Makabu has taken a turn into a new horizon of Marketing, Business Development and Product reselling for their partners in different verticals.

Teresol Pvt Limited – (www.teresol.com)

Teresol is a Research & Development organization with experienced professionals ready and committed to provide you with Innovatively Creative solutions. They design, manufacture and market a range of innovative products developed within the organization with a commitment to technology, design, user affability and environmental consciousness. They conceive, plan and deploy customized solutions according to the needs of our clients. They provide complete solutions of hardware design and firmware applications. Apart from core competencies in Software and Algorithms development, we have the ability to move a project from concept to product form by delivering our customized technologies. Some of their products are:

  • I-mployee – Biometric Solution (www.i-mployee.com) - i-mployee is a unique, comprehensive and innovative attendance, access and reporting system based on modern biometric and RFID technologies. It is used to aid the employees and management regarding the matters of attendance and reporting. Furthermore it could also be used in aiding companies in different other solutions such as Monitoring and Evaluation in different verticals of Healthcare, Technology, Education, Banking and Training
  • TereTrack – Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System - TereTrack is a GPS based vehicle tracker developed for vehicle tracking and monitoring. It uses GPS and GSM (GPRS) to accurately track vehicle. It offers fleet management, mobile job planning and tools with user friendly interface to readjust schedules and routes. It is an indigenous product which allows managers to remotely monitor and even control the movement and performance of vehicle, through inbuilt audio support.

First Solutions – (www.firstsolutions.com.pk)

First Solutions is a comprehensive Archive Management Solution provider, established by a group of experienced professionals to provide efficient, practical and cost effective solutions in the EMEA region. The company provides innovative, customized and state of the art, archive management solutions to our clients in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Their vision is to be the leading regional service provider in Archive Management space. Their team has extensive experience in establishing growing and managing businesses with leading global organizations including Citigroup, Standard Chartered, Barclays Bank, American Express, Al Rajhi Holding and Mashreq Bank.