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CMKGDigital Asset Management Content Supply Chain (DAMCSC)

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    The Client

    CoActive Marketing Group is a leading marketing agency in US aggressively involved in multidimensional domains and have diversified client base.

    SAP America is one of the client of CoActive, and is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.

    The Challenge

    Being a company with widespread presence, SAP America was facing challenges in managing digital contents effectively. Therefore they decided to build an interface to Artesia DAM, to help in building campaigns, which are series of activities organized to accomplish a goal. There was a stringent requirement of content approval through an automated workflow and visibility of content to concerned group of people during a particular stage of content cycle. Ultimately the desire was to publish the prepared content also.

    The Solution

    Makabu’s technical team suggested an indigenous tool on top of Artesia DAM known as Digital Asset Management Content Supply Chain (DAMCSC). It is a combination of two concepts i-e DAM (Digital Asset Management) and CSC (Content Supply Chain).

    DAM serves as the single access point for all digital media and their underlying information. It enables user to easily access, share, reuse, distribute, email and archive all types of digital content. An Asset, in general, is any material that can help in propagating and establishing success of a campaign.

    CSC creates and manages the whole life cycle of campaigns. Assets that are generated in DAM are linked to campaigns. A campaign shares its data and status among its members. It allow members of to create/edit/ and delete campaigns and add/remove members into a campaign.

    This solution was deployed in 9 countries across the world and successfully used for asset management and content supply chain.

    Business Benefits

    • A web based center access point
    • Complete Assets Lifecycle management with easily and flexibility
    • Campaign and associated assets can be easily managed
    • Task Assignment and monitoring
    • Real-Time Reports
    • Easy To Use (geared towards users with minimal technical know-how)
    • Security and Classification
    • Increased Throughput